We’ve been breeding German Shepards for 4 generations. It was my father’s hobby, and
I grew up with dogs. 

The first dog my father gave me was a Pomeranian
that I taught to fetch and track. However, German Shepards are better suited
and easier to teach

and which is why we only breed German shepards exclusively. 


My father, Werner Knorr (kennel located in Tümmelsberg) taught  me the trade craft as well as to love dogs.
Fourleggeds, barking, running and playing, protective, have been part of my family for as long as I can remember. But why German Shepards? Because, in comparison all others, their original beauty remains practically unchanged. And also because my father chose not just any dog, but a German Shepard. 

Werner Knorr, Sr., was stricken with polio and obviously couldn’t play soccer/footballfriends. But raising a dog was something helpful he could do. In 1945, Werner Knorr, Sr., who died aged 88, founded the Kraftsdorf chapter/charter for the German Shepard Society. His first German Shepard, Zita vom Grumsgraben, took part 4 times in the regional competition.  In 1948 he took second place in the Regional competition. 

Now his son, grandson and great-grandson continue the tradition.

Kennel “vom Steinbusch” breeds and trains German Shepards. I’ve always believed in the creed of the founder of the German Shepard Society, Cavalry Captain Max von Stephanitz:  ”Breeding shepards is breeding a useful dog otherwise it’s not shepard breeding.“


Even during the East German era we participated in skills competition in regional and district East German championships.

But our greatest success has been post-reunification.

I took part in 5 BSP and 4 BFH with good results.

My wife, Stephanie Knorr, also successfully partcipated in different state-wide events.

Peggy Wollmann (neeKnorr), my duaghter’s kennel, “von der Sperlingsbucht,“ breeds German shepards as well and has numerous commendations. During the East German era, having won the Youth Championship in 1988 and placed 2nd in 1989.

She successfully participated in several DJJM (as well Southern German JJM), the BSP and BFH.

Son-in-law Enrico Wollmann also got the bug and participated successfuly on several occasions in statecompetitions 
Landesmeisterschaften and Bundes FCI.

Even our youngest daughter’s foot steps is following the successful family tradition. Tanja Töpel‘s(nee Knorr) kennel „von der Kraftsdorfer Flur“ breeds German Shepards. She too has received commendations and taken first in place in various dog skills competitions.

My pride and joy, my granddaughter, Charlene (age 8 ) was the youngest partcipipant in Meppen at the 2010 DJJM and came in 5th with my 9-year old dog  „Zentra vom Steinbusch.“

At the  DJJM 2011 in  Lutherstadt Eisleben, Charlene placed second with my 5 year old male Om vom Steinbusch with an excellent score of 286 points "V".

I don’t just share my knowldge with my family. I also lend support to our community youth organizations.

Nicole Jost Süddeutsche- JJM „Nixe vom Steinbusch“

Nadine Brendel Süddeutsche- JJM „Quelle von Grüna“

Stefanie Menzel Süddeutsche JJM "Kessy von der Jungfernbrücke,DJJM „Andy von der Sperlingsbucht“, LGJJM “Nora vom Tümmelsberg“, „Ypsi vom Steinbusch“

Nicole Taubert DJJM „Biene von der Sperlingsbucht“, LGJJM
„Ypsi vom Steinbusch“, „Zola vom Steinbusch“, „Flori vom Tümmelsberg“

Susann Burgold LGJJM+LGFH „Usti vom Sterinbusch“

Anke Weise DJJM „Inka vom Steinbusch“

Nicki Seidel DJJM „Eika vom Steinbusch“

Andreas Scheffel- DJJM+ BSP „Gino vom Steinbusch“

Anne Taubert- DJJM+ BFH „Dean von der Kraftsdorfer Flur“

Anne Taubert LGA+LGJJM „Mercedes vom Steinbusch“

Katharina Menzel BSP,DJJM “Gini von der Sperlingsbucht“

Our trademarks are dogs with lots of eastern blood and pure eastern blood.

We have achieved breeding and competitive success with our own bred and trained dogs, now and in the future.

Being among the best particpants at the world championships would be great. A dream, perhaps, but nonetheless a beautiful one.